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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 8

Today we will cross the 25% mark and you would have already covered 200+ most frequently used words from Barron’s 800

191. abdicate – to give up a position

It sounds like vacate, right?
The govt. was accused of abdicating its responsibility

192. vivisection – dissection, surgery or painful experience

How I learnt is that you, vivisection is done in plant where we cut down the stem or something and then plant them separately.

I write these stories from my memory and it has nothing to do with the reality. It’s just a way to remember things

193. viable – capable of working successfully , feasible

Rakesh, don’t give me a hypothetical solution, we need a viable answer to the scenario.

Creating a Spacecraft to reach Mars in 24 hours is not at all a viable prototype

194. vexation – irritation, annoyance

Whether you are a girl or a boy, waving is always irritating and thus waxation is irritation..Ooopsss !! It’s vexation, ignore the first two alphabet.

If you like to learn this way, then you are my Boi 😛

195. vacuos – empty

Inspired from vacuum. Easy

196. travesty – parody, exaggerated imitation

This one might be hard to learn, so comments are more than welcome

Have you watched TVF? The first video they created was on Roadies and it was titled as Rowdies. Link below

TraVesty has two alphabets of TV so you can guess that it has something to do with TVF i.e. parody.

197. Transient – Temporary

Transient is also a man who moves from place to place i.e. he/she is temporary.

It’s hard for me to remember the word’s meaning because every time I look at this word, I fee like it has something to do with ‘important’ 🙁

The way I learn the words are transient in nature, but I got to do this

198. tirade – Long, Violent speech

A tirade of abuse.

Remember the Bollywood roast by All India Bakchod, that was a tirade of abuse to the Bollywood stars

199. Tenuous – Weak

It definitely looks like something which deals with tension, but NO!!
Tenuous means weak

200. Tautology – Unnecessary repetition

I will either get paid or i will not get paid

I am not sure how to make you understand in English, but in Hindi or particularly in my regional language we say “Kya taey-taey bol rhe ho” as in why are you repeating so much

Though it definitely sounds like a branch of science or may be its a type of science(Tautology in tautology)

201. Talisman – Charm to bring good luck

Simple meaning, someone who brings charm, generally associated with some pendant or necklace we wear to sue band spirit


202. Syllogism – a form of deductive reasoning with a major premise, minor premise and a conclusion.

Okay, so if you have ever prepared for GMAT then you would understand the pain of syllogism. In fact in GRE also we have some questions on the same line in the essays

In syllogism you have a major argument, a minor supporting argument and a conclusion.

203. supposition – the fact of assuming to be true

Easy hai ye, time pass mat kro

204. subside – to settle down or to grow quite

The storm subsides
The flood subside as quickly as they arise

Ye v asaan hn hai

205. subpoena – notice someone to appear in court

Ye wala yaa phir tumhe yaad ho jaeyga, ya kabhi yaad nai hoga 😛

In general a subpoena is done to make it compulsory to appear for a hearing. Mostly, the court has to ask the MLAs/MPs to appear as a part of subpoena

206. stratified – arranged in layers

It helps if you are from a Data Science background. Stratified sampling is the sampling in which say suppose you have 20 rows of data, then you might divide it into 4 groups with first 5 rows as A, then B, etc. i.e. you divide it into layers

207. sporadic – irregular

spora means sowing in Greek, have you ever watch people sowing in field?
It’s ALWAYS irregular. This is the root of sporadic

Another example of sporadic is the spread of any virus like Corona which spreads in a very irregular manner

208. spendthrift – extravagant; one who spends too much

thrift is speed and spend is spend
Nitin was a spendthrift and a heavy gambler

209. singular – unique, extraordinary; odd
singular aise points to one person, one specific person, and if some is termed as singular then he/she is extra ordinary

Plural is crowd, singular is special

210. sextant – navigation tool that determines latitude and longitude

Kya soche? something related to sex??
Nope !!

This is sextant

211. saturate – soak thoroughly

Saturate hona as in ekdum exhaust hona.
The exercise was so saturating

212. rubric – protocol; a set of instruction

Rubiks cube is solved with a set of instructions, a simple set of steps. Same ways rubrics is a set of instructions. It’s mostly written as a heading in a document.

Ever tried to install any game?
There you will find a list of pre-requisites, these are sort of rubric

213. reticent – Silent, reserved

Manmohan singh was a reticent. reticent sounds like remaining silent

Manmohan singh sant aadmi thain, but he always remained silent, he was reticent

214. resolve – determination, firmness of purpose

i always gets confused in these common terms. My way of learning it
He solved, so he was smart
He resolved because he was determined

You can skip this if you already know the meaning

215. resolution – determination

Same as resolve

216. reprobate – morally unprincipled person

My way of learning.
Nitin was on probation, he bantered(passing comments which could or couldn’t have decent meaning) with his colleagues, some times way too much

Nitin was fired in his probation due to his reprobate behaviour

217. pristine – untouched; pure

Easy hai. That’s a pristine white shirt
Pristine copy of the old magazine

218. provident – providing for future need

Provident fund ka naam sune ho?
Have you ever heard of provident fund?
Now it makes much more sense to me at least

219. pusillanimous – cowardly

Remember the word puissant(B800)?
It meant not a pussy i.e. brave
pusillanimous is self explanatory i.e. cowardly

220. precarious – uncertain

a ladder can be precarious? when? When it’s broken 😛
Much like every one else, my choices of career is precarious i.e. uncertain. i am a Data Scientist, I will be writing UPSC this year, I am preparing for GRE just to get those 330 marks, I have also attempted GMAT, I have a small online book business, and I cook good enough to open a cafe.

So, my choice of life is_______

Keep Learning:)
Target 330

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I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 4+ years of analytics experience with 3+ years at Mu Sigma and 1 year at OYO. I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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  1. Tenuous – “TEN of U vs twO of US” (read the capitals) – two vs ten will always be weak 🙂

    April 9, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    Sach me… Your life choices are precarious…

    Good work though 😂😂 keep it up … Loving your work here !!

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