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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 7

It’s such a beautiful day, I already learnt 30 words and I would like to continue. Let’s learn Barron’s 800 words for GRE in the most layman and simple way

161. emollient – mollify; soothing

At least there are 4 words which means soothing, first of all mollify, then alleviate( to lessen), then eMOLLIent

You gotta remember it this way

162. endemic – belonging to a particular area;

There are few diseases which pertains to a particular area. May be Ebola was one of them

163. Pandemic – Belonging to a range of countries

Corona is a pandemic i.e. a lot of countries are affected by this virus

164. entomology – Scientific study of insects

ent – ANT which is an insect

165. ephemeral – short lived

Ephemeral is short lived and perennial is long lived.
Ephemeral sounds like ‘abhi maral’ i.e. he died just now 😛

166. etymology – Origin of history of a word

Have you read the book Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis?
It has a very interesting way to learn words by teaching the origin of each word.
It’s definitely an awesome book to start with

167. euphoria – feeling of extreme happiness

Remember Palash Sen? The singer? Kabhi aana tu meri gali
His band was Euphoria and it used to make me very happy 🙂

168. Euthanasia – Mercy Killing

This is a very very specific term, in Asia Japan is the only country which allows or basically have no law against Mercy killing

Japan is the only country to entertain Euthanasia in Asia

169. Exorcise – to expel evil spirits;

Emily Exorcism, to expel evil spirit from Emily

170. Extrapolation – to estimate the projection for future

It’s an easy term to remember if you are form a Data Science Background.
Linear Regression extrapolate the values for future by using the historic data

171. fervor – warmth and intensity of emotion

fever – warmth of body, so is fervor

These animals will love and hate with equal fervor

172. flora – plants of a region

Flora and Fauna, easy

173. Flux – flowing; a continuous moving

If you are mechanical, then it’s easy for you
in-flux and out-flux

174. forestall – to prevent; delay

fore means ahead of time and the word forestall
He forestalled critics by offering a defense of the project.

175. fresco – a painting done on a wall

What a beautiful word, a very very specific word, much like Euthanasia (mercy killing)

Wall painting

176. fusion – union

Atomic fusion, easy
Don’t know why the words am choosing are easy and frequently used !!

177. garrulous – very talkative

Though it looks like the word is something to do with anger, but remember this word has come along with loquacious as synonyms.

What is the antonym of loquacious ? Laconic

178. gerrymander – to divide an area into voting districts in a way that favours a political party

Another special word with special meaning,

Gotta by-heart like this only

179. gregarious – outgoing; sociable

Most of the extroverts are gregarious in nature

180. guileless – not cunning

So, guile means cunning. Guileless means not cunning and so does the word artless.

I met a girl at the airport who was artless 🙂

181. herbivorous – plant eater


182. homogeneous – uniform in composition


183. hyperbole – purposeful exaggeration for effect

My aunt is a bit of a drama queen, and she uses hyperbole in almost every sentence
Little children often speak almost exclusively in hyperbole.

Hyper – jyada
Bola – Speaking

Hyperbole – jo jyada bolta hai

184. idolatry – idol worship

India follows idolatry

185. impair – to damage; injure

to pair is to grow string, to impair is to damage or injure someone

186. impede – To block; arrest

Remember, the story about arrest?
Arrest is to stop or block and so is impede i.e. it is to stop from exceed

187. ingenuous – Naive and idiot

188. ingenious – Genius

The above two words look the same, the only difference is u vs i
i = Genius
u = Idiot

189. intangible – which can’t be touched

Human feelings are intangible

190. introspective – contemplating one’s own thoughts and feelings

John liked him because he was not introspective or self-critical and quite free from self-consciousness.

There were some easy words and some difficult.

Do keep on revising the words. It’s gonna be a long road, but the end product is definitely rewarding.

Keep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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