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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 6

Learn Barron 800 words in simple and layman way for GRE

We will start with 133 and will learn a lot of words today

133. Abscission – Act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other part of a plant

Take a scissor and cut the leaf into two parts – It’s called ab’scission’

134. aesthetic – related to beauty or art?
The aesthetic beauty of the place was mesmeric

135. amulet – ornament worn as a charm against evil spirit

If you are a bollywood movie fan then you can connect amulet with Taabeez or what the actors wore in the movie Zaani Dushman 😛

136. analgesic – medicine that reduces pain; pain-relieving

anaesthetic is used to create partial loss of feeling, same ways analgesic is used to relieve or alleviate(Barron Word) pain

Let’s talk about few pathy related words which are asked in GRE

137. empathy – understand and share feelings of others
138. apathy – Looks like sharing feeling or a good word but it actually means LACK OF INTEREST. He showed apathy in Mathematics from beginning

139. antipathy – pathy means liking, empathy means same feeling, apathy means DISLIKE, what is left? Dislike??
Antipathy is feeling of dislike

140. archeology – Study of material evidence of past Human Life

Easy fizzgy

141. arrest – to stop or block; IMPEDE (learn it, ye aage aane wala hai)

arrest is mostly used to show that someone is captured, but why will Police capture anyone?
Because the Police wanted to stop that person

142. artifact – Items made by human craft

What ever is hand made is an artifact(mostly of cultural importance)

This artifact was created to pour ‘Cutting-Chai’ or Masala Chai to Akbar

143. ascetic

143 means I LOVE YOU in teenage argot(Barron 800, means a language specific to a group).

Ascetic is someone who practices self-denial. What is the name of this website?
The Data MONK – Monk practices ascetic lifestyle

144. astringent – Harsh and severe

When ever I had to write a letter to principal to complain about a student. I always ended the letter like this

‘Sir, Please five stern and stringent punishment to Amit for his bad behaviour’

If you have a friend name Harsha, and if he is stern then the word to describe him is astringent

145. asylum – Place of Refugee

Easy hai

146. austere – very simple; stern

In this pandemic of corona, everyone decided to celebrate an austere christmas

147. bifurcate – to divide into two parts

Machine Learning algorithms are bifurcated into Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms

148. bovine – cow like

Though it’s unlikely that GRE uses this word but remember the first three alphabets

bov – b+1 o v+1 = cow like

149. broach – to mention for the first time

how do you ask a person who is new to your team?
‘Hey Broo, Let me coach you’
Broach – to mention for the first time

150. chivalry – bravery and good behaviour towards women

Easy hai

151. complement – something that completes or makes up whole

In a right angle triangle the two non-90 degree angles are complementary

152. Connoisseur – Expert in matters of taste

I would love to be a chocolate/wine connoisseur

153. Converge – Tend to meet; towards something

Easy hai, converge and diverge

154. Deride – To belittle someone or to mock

Below are two eggs deriding the middle one

155. Derivative – something that is derived; unoriginal

To derive from something i.e. It was not original. When you derive a formula, you start from something basic and then go ahead to prove some other formula/theory

156. discrepancy – difference

There is a discrepancy between the numbers which you are reporting and the numbers which Harish is reporting to the CEO

157. Egotistical – Excessively Self-centred

Bahut jyada ego, matlabe hadd se jyada ego.
I myself is an egotistical human

158. Elegy – Poem or expression of grief

In the complete Barron 800 series, there are three words which is related to death – Dirge (song sung when someone dies), eulogy(speech after someone dies), and Elegy(song of grief)

Learn these

159. Elixir – A substance believed to have the power to cure ills

Have you ever played the game Clash of the Clans?
It’s a well known strategy mobile game, there we have normal blue elixir and dark elixir.
Blue elixir was used to heal normal troop
Dark elixir was used to heal heavy troop.

160. embellish – enhance
I added a lot of bells in order to embellish the Christmas tree

You can comment and add more things to help everyone understand

Keep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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