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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 5

You should revise the previous 120 words first !!
But no one follows the rule, so let’s proceed 😛

Today will we be 150 words strong 🙂

121. aberrant – deviating from what is normal
Imagine, there is a line of ants going to eat a cube of sugar, but suddenly one of the ant, named Gaitonde, breaks the chain to meet Cuckoo.
Now that’s an aberrant behaviour

122. abstemious – moderate in appetite i.e. one who eats less

Who eats less?
A monk? But, definitely not the Data Monk 😛
Bonus word – Stoicism is the practice of having no interest in world affairs.

While practicing stoicism he led an abstemious life

Have you ever observed someone skinny? He looks like a stem and he always have a visible but weak abs , why? because he don’t eat much

abstemious – having low appetite

123. adamant – Ziddi;, uncompromising

Who is adamant?
A small kid when he wants a particular toy – that’s an adamant behaviour

Easy tha 😛

124. admonish – scolding

How did I learn this word?
I had a friend, Manish, and he used to scold every person. The moment I saw the word and it’e meaning, I imagined him and it was easy to learn

Search your scolding adMONISH

125. adulterate – To make impure

When you add rat’s poison in weed, then you adulterate the drug 😛
When you add small pebbles in Pulses, then that is adulteration

126. affinity – fondness; liking

Easy hai yeh bhi..Negative has affinity towards positive charge
His affinity towards coding made him what he is today

127. ambrosia – the food of the God

Brooo, I got some food for the God..

Don’t have a good example here..Help me out in the comment section

128. artless – Natural

I met a girl at the airport and she was as artless as a bird. Warm and happy.

129. argot – the jargon of a particular group

Yoo Bro, Wassup Manhh, Yoo, I ain’t doin that shit no more

The above is teenage argot

130. apex – Highest Point

Facebook was at it’s apex in 2018
I am just choosing easy words because am too tired today 🙁

131. Autonomous – Self governing

There are many colleges which are autonomous in nature i.e. exam, paper-correction, etc. are done in the college itself.

In non-autonomous colleges, exam paper are set by a group of college professors and the answer sheets are corrected by teachers from other colleges

132. Capricious – Unexpected change in mind; whimsical; sudden change in mind

132 was my roll number in college and I was capricious. One moment I am in the class, and after 30 mins I might be at Big Bazaar 😛

People born in the date range 21st Dec – 19th Jan are Capricorns and trust me they have a capricious mind

Not feeling good..Will continue tomorrow 🙂

Keep Learning !!

Target 330

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I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 4+ years of analytics experience with 3+ years at Mu Sigma and 1 year at OYO. I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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  1. ambrosia – break the word – amber = meaning God in hindi – so, something related to God.

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