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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 4

Target 330

We have already covered 90 words i.e. more than 10% of the word list. Let’s make it 15% today

91. audacious – bold
You know where did I always hear this word?
I hear it from Ravi Shashtri, “This is an audacious move by Dhoni to start the innings with R.Ashwin”
“What an audacious shot to complete his 300” said Ravi when Shehwag hit a six to get to 300 at Multan

92.aver – to affirm
The only thing which I can relate with aver is

“Please aver your attendance at the marriage”
Suppose Gayathri is getting married, so she will send a card to all her friends with a note to aver if they are coming as she has to make arrangement for the guests.

93. banter – playful conversation

Banter is two step before a person actually files an official complain against someone for “passing sexual/inappropriate comment”

But his completely depend on the situation. A person can be of a jolly nature and banter with his colleagues and this could be acceptable

Ritesh was bashed for his banter behaviour

94. bucolic – characteristic of the countryside
Natural view, serene
The church is there in the bucolic setting

Remember this view? This is Windows wallpaper and this is bucolic

95. cacophonous – unpleasant or harsh-sounding
I will let you imagine the sound(though the word is quite frequently used)

Nail rubbing against marble
High note sound of a mike when someone is actually testing it
Really irritating sound(mostly high pitch)

Caco – Bad
Phonous – Voice (Wonder where the word phone came from?)

96. cadge – to beg; sponge
This one is a bit hard, because I could not find a way to learn it. I cadge you to make me remember the word.

One of my friend actually cadged for some money to buy weed. So, don’t do drugs.

cadge – CAn David GEt me something? I beg you

97. canard – false; rumour

My girlfriend helped me remember the word.
She cooked a story saying that Canara Bank spread a rumour that it’s shutting down, but Yes Bank did.

So canara bank spreads rumors i.e. Canara Canard stories

98. caucus – meeting

Did it sound like caco and you thought it’s about evil or bad??
No it is not

Caucus is not a simple meeting, it’s a special meeting of SUPPORTERS

Couldn’t find a good way to remember the word. Help me out in the comment box

99. centrifugal – moving away from a centre
You are preparing for GRE , that means you are an engineer from India. And being an engineer you got to know the meaning of these two forces

centrifugal – towards the centre

100. centripetal – moving towards a centre

centripetal force – away from the centre

101. coalesce – to cause to become one

There is a function in SQL – coalesce(abc,1) it changes NULL present in the variable abc to 1, you know why? Because coalesce believes in equality and this thing adds consistency to the column’s data type

Coalesce synonyms – Join, union, fuse, etc.
and JOIN and UNION are used in SQL as well 😛

102. compendium – brief, comprehensive summary
What is a podium? Podium is a small structure in which your principal used to stand and deliver his speech. Podium is something brief

So is compendium !! It’s a brief summary


103. credo – statement of belief; creed
Have you ever read the Preamble(the introductory article) of the constitution?
It says ‘The government should not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, and sex.

Creed is a statement of belief which might or might not be relate

104. deference – respect; regard for another’s wish
deference comes from a beautiful word defer which means to agree to someone’s point of view due to respect.

My old uncle believes that today’ media is good for nothing. Though i did not agree to him, but I defer to him

If you and your dad disagree about the best route to the grocery store, you might defer to him, and take his route

105. detraction – the act of taking away
Easy fizzy – sounds like distraction and distraction takes you away, so does detraction 😛

106. digression – act of straying away from the main point
What is linear regression?
It is a fit of the data points towards a particular line

What is digression?
Act of staying away from the main pint 😛

107. discomfit – to make uneasy; feel embarrassed
not comfortable.

Manager’s mean look served to discomfit me during the interview

108. discordant – not in tune
Concordant – both positive or both negative
Discordant – Opposite i.e. not aligned or not in tune

Discordant vs Concordant

109. facilitate – to make less difficult
There were vegetable shops open after every 2 km during Corona virus outburst to facilitate availability of essentials to the common people

110. fallacious – based on false idea or fact
Fallacy mans false or having some problem
Fallacious is the same

111. fawning – seeking favours by flattering
Chaplusi krna

If you are a good manager, you will yawn when someone fawn you


112. foment – arouse
fomentation is a process of stirring up,
the leader fomented the crowd against the government i.e. he arouse people against the government

113. paragon – model of perfection
These are the iconic paragon slippers which are made of perfection.
My complete family has wore these chappals(it’s so damn good)

114. preamble – preliminary statement
Preamble of Constitution – Introductory statement

115. precursor – forerunner; predecessor

pre – pehle aane wala
a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner.

a three-stringed precursor of the violin

116. presumptuous – rude; improperly bold
It has nothing to do with assumption

Presumptuous is rude, improperly bold

Help me learn this word also please

117. prodigal – extravagant
Prodigy is a person who is very intelligent or very skilful at a very early age. Example – Visvanathan Anand, Sachin Tendulkar, and definitely Magnus Carlsen

But what about prodigal?
This is completely opposite. It means someone who spends too much.
Everyone has at least one friend who is prodigal in nature.

118. puissant – powerful
Who is a pussy ? Some one who is afraid.
I am not a pussy, I ain’t a pussy. I am puissant i.e. powerful

119. quibble – to argue over insignificant and irrelevant details
I always love words with very specific meaning, this is one of it.

Example – The only quibble about the book is the price.
Matlab itni achchi book aur tumhara concern sirf chota sa price hai

120. quiescent – inactive; still
Remember the word dormant?
It’s almost the same – quiescent is inactive

strikes were headed by groups of workers who had previously been quiescent

Keep Learning 🙂

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  1. fawning – fawn ~ fond of (to remember) – hence meaning to flatter someone (be fond of someone)

  2. presumptuous ~ presume (it is RUDE to presume things) – just a way to remember

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