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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 3

Target 330

Disclaimer – I have used all the references to remember the meaning of the words. There are a few very naive ways down there. So, please ignore

61. abscond – to depart secretly

One of the classic example of the word is S.C.Bose
S.C.Bose absconded from India when Britishers were after them. He was then functional from some other country

S.C. Bose absconded from India when Britishers were after them.

62. abstinence – the giving up of certain pleasure
Have you ever given up on Television to prepare for something?? may be IIT JEE or some semester exam?
When you absent yourself from some sort of pleasure ~ Abstinence

63. verbose – wordy (For GRE)

With a lot of verbal..the Reading Comprehensions in CAT,GMAT, and GRE are verbose

64. alleviate –
to relieve
Crocin alleviates headache
Hot Water bag alleviates period pain for females

65. appellation – name; Title
If you have cheated in your engineering examinations, then you don’t deserve the appellation of an Engineer. And thus India lost all it’s 100Million engineers in one go

66. Brazen – Bold; Shameless

Most of you would have visited the website brazzers..bus wahi se yaad kr lena..
Brazen = Bold or shameless

67. Bedizen – To dress in vulgar manner
How do you dress for bed?
I won’t say vulgar, but it’s not that decent as well plus you already know that brazen is bold and bedizen sounds a lot like brazen so it would also mean the same..

Brazen ~ Bedizen ~ bold/Shameless/Vulgar

68. Belie – To contradict
I have a beautiful story for this

Anil Kapoor contradicts his age, right?
Anil Kapoor belie his age

I was unable to learn the word with this trick, so I searched for Anil Kapoor belie dance on youtube and wooooo, it was there..Now I won’t forget the word

Anil Kapoor doing bellly dance. He belie his age.

69. Cant – insincere talk

This is hard for me. Actually there is a youtube channel where an Indian couple shows their life style and all.
The modern cant

70. Circuitous – roundabouts
Circuitous ~ Circus, and what do we have in circus??
Round abouts

71. Churlish – Boorish
Churchil was a badass. He is famous for his leadership skills during World War.
I wonder if the hindi word ‘boore’ is used pan India, but boore means someone who is bad and boorish means rude

Churchil ~ Churlish ~ Boorish ~Boore ~ Rude

72. Boorish – Rude

You are boorish if you have ignored word number 71

73. Cognizant – Aware; Informed
Most of you must have heard the name of this company Cognizant. Everyone know the company Cognizant, it means that everyone is informed about CTS i.e. everyone is cognizant about CTS

74. Codify – To systematise
Codify ~ Codes i.e. a bunch of lines of instructions in a systematic manner

75. Coda – Last stanza of a music composition or a poem

This is one more beautify word. I love those words which are having very very specific meaning. One of those is coda which means the last stanza of a song or poem. One of my fav song is ‘Jaane De’ from the movie Qareeb Qareeb single staring Irfan Khan. The coda of the song is definitely the best part of the song
मालूम है जहाँ दर्द हैवही फिर भी क्यूँ जाएँ
वही कशमकश, वही उलझने
वही टीस क्यूँ लाएँ
बेहतर तो ये होता
हम मिले ही ना होते
मगर जाने दे

76. Clique – A small exclusive group
There are few groups active on the internet who deletes child porn available on the dark web. These are secret groups (may be 31 people) and can be considered as Clique.

Clique -> Click -> Dark Web Website -> A small and EXCLUSIVE group of people/hackers deleting child porn

77. Coagulate – Thicken
Easy if you are a science students
Few things coagulate. If you add lemon to milk then it will coagulate and will then change to Paneer/Cottage cheese

78. Contiguous – Touching; Neighbouring
If you are reading this article in March 2020 you already know what is contiguous. It’s CORONA which is contiguous disease

79. Cosmology – Study of the universe

Study of cosmos i.e. universe

80. Dearth – Scarcity
Earth is full of resources but when you Dearth something then you feel the scarcity
There is a great dearth of water in Rajasthan
Rural areas in India witnesses a dearth of technological advancement.

81. Dogmatic – Orthodox
Sorry to say, but few people in Rajasthan holds dogmatic thinking and marries their daughters at a very early age

82. Effrontery – Shameless boldness

Jeff Efron worked in Baywatch, why was he selected as the hero of the movie?

Correct..Because he was effrontery

Effrontery Efron

83.Condone – To overlook voluntarily; forgive
The S.C. should never condone the rights of any particular community of India.
The class teacher should not condone the work of back-benchers

84. decorum – proper behaviour
Maintain decorum when you are with your client during Client visit (I.T. People can easily connect with the above statement)

85. Coquette – women who flirts
When your female CO-worker calls you cute(QUETTE), she is actually a coquette herself.

Don’t judge me with my sentences. We need to learn it.

86. Diatribe – bitter verbal attack
Australian players used

87. Discredit – To dishonour; disgrace
Credit – Acknowledgment or to honour people of their efforts
Discredit – To dishonour

88. Disparage – To belittle i.e. kisi ko neecha dikhana
Hear this out

‘English is a medium of communication and not a measure of intellect’s
So never ever disparage someone because of poor english

89. Dormant – Inactive
There are seeds which are in dormant stage for a few months until they start growing up.
Sometimes criminals are in dormant state

A dormant volcano

90. Equivocate – Intentionally use vague language

Equi means two equal things and vocal means language
So when a person is equivocal then he uses a language which has two different meanings to confuse people or to keep the topics vague

Bonus words

Hegemony – Leadership or dominance
Holocaust – Slaughter on a large scale. Like the one during India vs Pakistan division

USA shows it’s hegemony on the World.

Day 3, Total 90 words destroyed

Keep Learning 🙂

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