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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 2

Target 330

31. Vendetta – prolonged bitter quarrel against someone
Remember the movie V for Vendetta ?
Vendetta means a prolonged bitter quarrel against someone.
I have not watched the movie but I guess there was a story in Bollywood where Amir Khan took an age old revenge

32. Vertigo – A sense of dizziness
It’s mostly because of ear problem or when you get down from 10-12 floors

A person going through vertigo

33. Vapid – Tasteless
34. Insipid – lack of flavour

Will tackle both of these together
Don’t know about other areas but in Gurgaon people drink Cucumber juice. So one day I took a SIP and IN it did not had any flavour was insipid or VAPID

Vapid could be something or someone i.e.very boring/dull person –

B.S. – One who is not Rapid is Vapid..Matlab kas=ise v yaad kro yaar..If possible comment something interesting for VAPID

35. Untoward – Unexpected
Toward resembles expected, it’s intuitive that untoward is unexpected or not favorable or troublesome

In the last semester project no of my teammates had any clues about the project but everyone acted as nothing untoward has happened

36. Usury – A practice of lending money at exorbitant rates

Remember the word penury from Day 1? It meant very poorThe moment I saw the word usury I had a hunch that it has something to do with money..Here it is, lending money at heavy rates.

Old Jamindars in India USed their Treasury for usury

37. Vogue – Prevailing fashion
Ever heard of the vogue magazine ?
It contains information about new fashion

Ex. – Wearing bright clothes has become a vogue.
Vogue – Ranveer Singh !!

38. Vaunt – To boast
Remember daunt from Day 1? It meant to frighten or demoralise
So Vaunt is to boast

He knows nothing but loves to vaunt about his skills which eventually daunts the co-workers

39. Supersede – To replace
I always used to get confused with this word, thinking that it has something to do with being superior
This word is used quite frequently, so if you know the meaning then it’s fine.
Else – Supreme court decision will supersede the decision of high court
The Prince will supersede his father

40. Toady – Flatter , Yes Man

My colleague Amrit became a toady by bringing sweets only for the Manager.
He is such a toady and wishes the class-teacher every time she crosses him

B.S. – Matlab teddy bear ki tarah sab ko khush krna

41. Sundry – Various
I just love the sundry appetisers and kebabs at Barbeque Nation 😛

42. Supplant – to replace

Implant is to fix something and mostly used with breast. In implant you fix breast and in supplant you replace it. I know it’s a very inappropriate example, but do comment a better one and I will remove it at the earliest.

43. Terrestrial – Earthly, commonplace

Terrestrial animals – Animals who live on earth

44. Uncanny – Mysterious

Jo cheez can main band hai wo mysterious hi hoga na..
She has an uncanny way of talking to people, she talks in a very soft and stable voice which sometimes scare the shit out of me

45. Torpor – Lethargy

This one is my favourite.
Chote nache tor-phor kar ke thak gye and they went to a state of torpor

46. Tortuous – Having many twists and turns

Though it looks like the word means something related to torture but have you ever travelled up the hill?
I was once travelling from Kodai Kanal (A hill station in Karnataka) and while coming back i had a very unpleasant experience because of the tortuous road

47. Sylvan – related to the woods or forest

I don’t know why but I feel there is some forest by this name or some tall trees. Sylvan is related to woods

48. tome – books, usually large and academic

49. Soliloquy – Dramatic speech by one character when he is talking to oneself

This is one of the interesting words. When you. talk to yourself it’s called monologue, when you talk to someone on stage it’s called dialogue.
And when you talk to yourself on a stage then it’s called soliloquy

50. simile – comparison of one thing with another thing using “like” or “as”
Simile ~ similar
Take a not of the spelling, I made two mistakes while writing simile.

51. Stigma – Disgrace

You are a disgrace to the society
You are a stigma to the society.

Easy hin hai ye toh

52. savour – to enjoy; have a distinctive flavour or smell

Dekho(Look), there are two meaning to it, first to enjoy i.e. Nitin savour each moment of his life
The soup has a savour of onion

53. sage – wise

There is this beautiful song by Ritwiz which goes by the name of sage. This is definitely a wise song. Lyrics below

दिल की धड़कन से तो आए जाना
हमरी सब-सब के हो जाए आना
कभी-कभी तू मुझसे घबराना
सभी-सभी को तुम ही समझाना
अभी-अभी तो हमने ही जाना

Ek baar sun loge toh sayad yaad v ho jaey 😛

54. rebu – puzzle in which pictures or symbols represent words

This is rebu..Now guess the movie name (Bollywood)..Answer at the end of the article

55. rococo – extravagantly ornate;
extravagant means to to spend too much and that to on decorating things

Rococo style wedding
Indians mostly goes for Big Fat Wedding in a rococo style

56. extravagant – bahut kharch krne wala
He is extravagant.
Normal hi word hai..someone who spends ‘extra’

57. reverent – expressing deep respect; worshipful

The following two words come together

58. Dirge – Funeral Hymn
Don’t have much idea

59. Eulogy – High praise to a death person
A toast for a person who died

60. Expatriate – To send into exile
My friend is an expatriate who left her luxurious life to live on the mountains

With this we have covered 60 of the 800 words

Answer to the bollywood movie – Agni Path 😛

Keep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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