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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 13

The target is to complete all 800 words in this lock down, we are already at 320 and will be closing at 350 tonight. And we have another 14 days, so the aim should be to cover 30 words per day. I am too lethargic to complete a task on time, let’s see

We will start with reducing the pain

321. allay
322. alleviate
323. anodyne

On a broader note, all of these words are used to represent lessening of pain
When a kid gets hurt, what does his mother say to allay the pain?
‘Allay, allay,allay, chot lag gya mere beta ko’

Anodyne sounds like antidote and Painkiller alleviate the pain

See,how easy it is to learn new words 😛

324. amenable – agreeable

Aman is a Yes man, He will always say yes if you ask him, “Hey, AMEN, will you be ABLE to do this”

325. Apothegm – witty saying; cliche

Witty saying is something which is very very obvious or very repetitive, like if you are around a barber’s shoe that means you are going for a hair-cut.
Or things which are cliche – Time and tide waits for none

326. Apposite
327. Apropos

In Barron’s 800 words there are a few words which sounds very similar, words starting with ‘Ap%’ is the same

Apposite and Apropos means the same i.e. very appropriate; very important; relevant, etc.

I reduced your 5000 words letter to 1000 words by removing the words that were not apropos

328. Arabesque – A specific position in dance; or a specific form of art/drawing

This art
This position of dance

329. blandishment – flattery

Example of blandishment

330. apprise – to inform

I take this time to apprise you all of my plan to score 330 in GRE next month. Jyada ho gya, lekin light hai 😛

331. arduous – laborious; extremely difficult

Scoring 300 in ODI is not hard, it’s arduous

In arduous, H is silent. It should have been Harduous.
Getting 331 is arduous

332. asperity – harshness

Uncle Sam dealt with the kid in asperity, asking him to go and play outside while they were in a flight 😛

333. atavism – the reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations

This is interesting, just imagine we start growing tail !!
It will be an example of atavism

334. attenuate – to weaken; to reduce

The TEN pizza slice you ATE should be able to attenuate your hunger

335. avarice – greed

Couldn’t find a good way to remember it

336. axiomatic – taken for granted ; self-evident prove

Mathematical principles are axiomatic in nature. Axiomatic also means sort of’ Siddh krna’ as in to prove

337.bacchanalian – drunken

This is the easiest of today’s list. Amitabh Bachchan is remembered for his role in the movie ‘Sharabi’ because he played a bacchanalian role

338. blase – bored

The politician is blase of regular flattery

339. buttress – support

buttress sounds like a mistress who supports you in a bad relationship. This is a very very absurd example and it’s only purpose is to make you learn the word

A line of buttresses

340. calumny – making of false statement; slander
341. canard – rumor or a false story

Both calumny and canard means making false stories

342. clamor – noisy outcry; loud and confusing noise
They must be waiting for some glamourous celebrity, when you have glamor, you get clamor
Kuch bhi 😛

343. copious – abundant; plentiful

He took copious notes, it was not even needed

344. Effervescence – State of high spirit; bubble in a liquid

The effervescence of sparkling wine

345. equable – steady

It sounds, looks, and spells like equal..Isse jyada toh direct word=meaning hi hota

346. epistemology – branch of philosophy that examines the nature of knowledge

If you are preparing for MS in USA then you already know what STEM is?
IT corresponds to technical subjects, google and comment the full form if possible.

So, epistemology has something to do with knowledge

347. expository – explanatory

I remember once there was a question in our end semester exam,”Give expository answer”
So I remember it this way

348. extrinsic – not inherent of essentials

Below is an apt example of extrinsic and intrinsic

349. factotum – a person who does all sort of hard work
In every group project there is one and only one factotum personality, two such people will ruin the game 😛

350. fidelity- loyalty

Every heard of fidelity invetment? This company gives an interest rate of >10% even during the recession

We are good with 350 words..Celebrate 🙂

Keep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 4+ years of analytics experience with 3+ years at Mu Sigma and 1 year at OYO. I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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  1. avarice – I love eating (ava)RICE.. or I am ‘greedy’ for rice

  2. Waiting for Day 14 🙂

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