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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 12

Yeah !!
Day 12 is here 🙂
I did not know that these posts have a ‘small’ following 🙂
Thank you guys

Let’s start and end it in this lock down

295. abject – miserable; pitiful

When Shobha rejected Rajesh, Rajesh felt abject

296. abjure – to reject

Awesome, so if you learn one sentence, you can kill two words

When Shobha abjured Rajesh, he felt abject

297. accrue – to accumulate; grow by addition

We all love to accrue some money

298. adjunct – something added or joined

If you break Adjunct, you might see an ‘Add’ and a ‘Join’
Adjunct means – something added or joined

The word adjunct is mostly used with professors i.e. adjunct professor, who is an additional professor in a college,

An adjunct professor wears a casual dress in the premise

299. estimable – admirable; possible to estimate

Easy hai, estimable ka aur kya meaning ho skta hai 😛

300. extemporaneous – unrehearsed

All of you must have participated or heard of extempore competition where you get a topic and you have to talk about it instantly i.e. unrehearsed

301. fetid – bad smell

As soon as the detectives opened the door and smelled the fetid odor, they knew there was a dead body in the house

Actually, My roommate was one of the most unhygienic students in my college. So, I can actually connect with fetid.

302. vaunt – boast about

When I searched vaunt on Google, it got me pics of Intel glasses, Intel vaunts about it’s specs brand vaunt

These vaunt glasses will vaunt your personality

303. visage – appearance; aspect

304. vitiate – to impair/corrupt morally

305. undulating – moving in waves

If you are from North India and you are adulting, you already know how to make waves while riding bike..undulating is the same as ‘lahariya cut’

306. taxonomy – science of classification

307. tout – to promote or praise energetically

308 and 309 – supplicant and suppliant

suppliant is pleading or begging for something whereas supplicant is asking humbly, it’s quite confusing, thus important 😛

The only difference between suppliant and supplicant is ‘c’ and c means cute, if someone is cute, he will supplicant, if not he will suppliant

310. timbre – voice tone color

timbre is a word that describes the tone or unique quality of a sound. If you play the same note on a piano and on a guitar, each note will have its own timbre
BC ye heavy hai bhai, timbre timbre
If you have a good example for timbre then please timbre in the comment section

311. supine – lying on the back; lethargy

If you have a spine, then you sleep like a supine 😛

Anyways these two words are very specific and are good to learn
But sabse sahi toh ‘timbre’ tha !!

Supine and Prone – I talk like a doctor now

312. soporific- sleep producing

Once a Maths teacher asked,”So, How did you like my class?”
Front-bencher – Terrific
Back-bencher – Soporific 😛

313. shard – a piece of broken glass or pottery

shisha ho ya dil ho ya pottery ho tut jata hai aur shard main dhal jata hai
She kicked away a few shards of glass

314. sobriety – seriousness

Why do you take people who don’t drink to a party? because they will be sober and their sobriety will safely take us home 🙂

315. sordid – very bad or filthy

We will cut that beautiful doll into pieces..ewww that is sordid
We will die her sir with red color – sordid color combination

316. specious – seeming to be logical and sound, but not really so

This argument is rather specious than sound

50 rupaiye kaato iske specious acting ke

317. sodden – thoroughly soaked

Today only I was making Paneer biryani in the lock down, and I actually had to sodden the rice.

FYR – I am a pure NON-Vegetarian, and live in Gurugram, and am unable to find good restaurant delivering fresh non-veg dish on Zomato and Swiggy, so all I do is to eat sodden Parle G in black tea

318. regale – to entertain
Remember Gayle? He is a good batsman, but above that He is an entertainer

Gayle regaled the match with his humongous sixes

319. repine – complain

you mustn’t let yourself repine
If you don’t have a spine, you will supine and repine about the weather

320. profound – deep; not superficial

Profound knowledge of life 🙂

Aaj ke liye itna hin 🙂

Kal jaldi start krnge..Do comment your version of the sentences

Leep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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  1. Glad The Data Monk is back 😀
    the examples are classic.. specially suppliant and supplicant !

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