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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 10

We are already good with 220 words, lets’s pass that 250 mark.
All the words given below are directly from Barron’s 800 most frequent words.

251. abeyance – temporary suspension

If you have ever created an Angle Priya profile, there is a high chance that your profile must have been fell into abeyance 😛

252.accretion – growth in size

What is acceleration ?
Growth in speed, it sounds like accretion

253. aggrandize – to make larger or greate4

Can you spot the word GRAN in aggrandize? it’s because it grows in size

254. allure – the power to attract by charm


255. amalgamate – to combine into one unite

This was last used in Chemistry, where you amalgamate two elements to make an alloy or something.

You also amalgamate ideas

256. ambiguous – unclear


257. ambivalence – the state of having conflicting emotional attitude

okay, so ambi means both, example – ambidextrous means a person who uses both the hands equally good

So, ambi means tow equal things and valence is emotion, so when you have two emotions, then they clashes

258. amenity – something that increases effort

Wo sab toh thik hai, but what all amenities are there in the hotel?

259. ardor – great emotion or passion

Ardor 2.1 is an awesome pub in Gurgaon(India), and what is it famous for? It’s awesome whiskey which will fill your spirit with emotion and passion

260. argot – a specialised vocabulary used by a specific group

Heyy..whatsapp man? I ain’t doing that thing no more bro

This is the teenage argot

261. beneficent – doing good; generous

A beneficent landowner or a beneficent democracy

262. burgeon – to grow and flourish

Berger is a paint company which helps in flourishing your apartment

263. burnish – to polish

burnish sounds like furnish which means to polish

Highly burnished armour

264. castigation – punishment

If you don’t castigate him when he actually makes the mistake, he will get away with it every time and never improve himself

265. catalyst – something which ameliorate a reaction

you know the meaning of catalyst, now with this you know ameliorate as well..Yeah, I am awesome 🙂

266. chasten – to correct by castigation/punishment

Try to use the words which you are learning on the way.
chasten is to correct something by giving punishment, example Mohammad Asif (match-fixing) 😛

267. chicanery – trickery or fraud

The word itself looks like a tricky one !!
Back in other days, a horse trade was often tinged with fraud and chicanery

268. cozen – To mislead by trick

chicanery and cozen are bhai-bhai
Please learn and remember all the synonyms

269. craven – cowardly

braven is someone who is brave, thus craven is someone who is coward

270. defame – to malign(Malinga wala example), to harm someone’s reputation

A certain set of people tried to defame Sachin Tendulkar by dragging his name in match-fixing

271. demur – to express doubt

After some demur, Nitin accepted the food offered to him by the fellow passenger in the train.

Don’t be like Nitin, you should accept the cold drink as well. It goes well with the food

272. denizen –a regular visitor; inhibitator

Remember, every Den has a denizen


273. Desiccate – to dry completely

In summer our lips desiccates, so keep yourself hydrated

274. discrete – distinct

Please mention the discrete responsibilities of the UN

275. doggerel – poor verse

I will try to make one, you should also comment your doggerel

When life gives you aata
Don’t make a lachcha paratha

276. dross – waste; worthless matter

alchemist tries to create gold from the dross

277. enhance – to increase; improve

Work on the enhancement of the model

278. exculpate – to clear of blame; disabuse

See, We will always get questions where we need to fill one blank with two synonyms. So, please keep the synonyms in mind

279. exigency – crisis; urgent requirement

Yaar, exigency toh sound hi kr rha hai emergency jaisa 😛

280. filibuster – use of obstructive tactics in a legislature to block passage of law

This is too specific. Couldn’t find a good way to learn it, so I learnt it 😛

Keep Learning 🙂
Target 330

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  1. Hey Nitin, just want to mention the counting for Day 10 Word List should be 251-280 🙂

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