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GRE Verbal | Barron’s 800 Destroyed | Day 1

Aim – 160+ in GRE
Resources – Barron’s 800 and 100 RCs

B.S – It stands for Bullshit Story

Day 1
1. Abate – to decrease

After a 15 days of lockdown, the Corona virus cases suddenly abated, bringing smile and relief on everyone’s face

B.S. – Ab’ate’ – Since you ate something, it will decrease, right ? Right !! Awesome 

2. Bawdy – Dealing with sexual matter in a comical way; obscene

List of Bawdy movies –
-Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
-Grand Masti
-American Pie(The only Bawdy movie I liked :P)

3. Callous – Having a cruel disregard for others; insensitive

Have you watched the lawyer defending the accused of Nirbhaya Rape Case?
He was defending the rape and his callous comments will make you shiver

4. Daunt – To discourage; demoralize; Fearful

People living in villages are mostly daunted by new technologies

B.S. – Daunt sounds like daatna i.e. to scold and I get demoralised when someone daunts me 

5. Ebullient – Overly enthusiastic

I met a girl traveling solo in Goa, she was ebullient and happy.

B.S. – ‘bull’ is always full of energy, and this is the only word in 800 words with ‘bull’ in it. So be ebullient

6. Facetious – Humorous (not seriously meaning what you are saying, mostly in the humorous way); Witty

‘We should spend all our money in Poker and Pizza’ she said facetiously

Facetious means witty and whenever someone says witty, my mind rushes to Shahrukh Khan, the wittiest person on stage

I would like to be a person as facetious as SRK

7. Gainsay – To deny; An opposer

I was home alone, I can dance to my own music, eat what I want and no one is there to gainsay me 

8. Halcyon – Happy; Prosperous

cryon? – It makes you happy and if you are happy you are prosperous

This is a genus of Kingfisher and its name is Halcyon. Kingfisher makes you happy 

9. Iconoclastic – Criticising cherished beliefs

This is interesting, iconoclastic person criticises the common beliefs. It’s like in a community everyone considers drinking alcohol as a taboo, lekin main toh iconoclast hun na, I will drink.

When drunk, my uncle is an iconoclast who insults the belief of others

10.Junta – A group of people

Quite easy, Janta ~ Junta

11. Laconic – Using few words

My favourite, it actually means a person who uses very few words. And the next word in the list is loquacious which means someone who talks a lot.

So your ex- best friend who used to be loquacious is now laconic 

12. Loquacious – Talkative

13. Maelstrom – Turmoil

So there is one more term which is associated with turmoil i.e. whirlpool.
Now let’s learn these words.
Whirlpool is famous for it’s washing machine. We have turmoil or rotating movement in washing machine, right?
That motion is like called maelstrom or turmoil

14. Malinger – pretend to be ill in order to escape duty or work.

Do you watch cricket?
recently a photo of Malinga was released where he was topless and had a big belly. How is that possible for a cricketer?
Because he was malinga, he pretended to be ill to escape duty i.e. practice session 😛

MI is the only team I support and in the same tournament Malinga helped MI win the trophy. I <3 Malinga

15. Maverick – Independent or Unorthodox person

Top Gun Maverick ? So maverick is a type of gun which was one of the most used gun in Counter Strike. If you have a maverick, then you are independent 

16. Misogynist – One who hates women

Gynaecologist looks after problems related to women.
Miso means hate (my assumption)
If you hate women – misogynist
If you hate marriage – misogamist
If you hate mankind – misanthrope
If you hate me – Misidiot

17. Misogamist – One who hates marriage
18. Misanthrope – One who hates mankind
19. Nostalgia – Sentimental longing for a past time

Hohoho – This one is easy !!

20. Nugatory – Invalid; of no importance;

It’s a nugatory hypothesis
It’s a nugatory observation

When you look at the word, you already know that word is negative.
This one is tricky, so you can comment a good way to learn this 

21. Oligarchy – Type of govt. in which power belongs to only a few leaders

Oligo means very few in Greek
Archy comes from archein which means ‘to rule’

22. Anarchy – A state of disorder

The new bill or the spread of Corona left the country in anarchy

23. Officious – Too helpful (Itna ki irritate kr de/so much so that it irritates the person)

Officious – It’s an official call which gets you furious i.e. itna call krne credit card bechne ko ki even though they are providing a service, they become irritating

Officious – Official + Furious

24. Plummet – to fall or plunge

To drop sharply
The 10 days lock in period plummeted the spread of Corona virus

Plum sounds like someone/something which is too heavy aur wo dham se gir gya..Plummet!!!

25. Penury – Extreme poverty

Matlab pen kharidne ke bhi paise nai thain, he could not face that penury 

26. Penchant – Inclination

Easy hai, intuitive hai
I have a penchant for dogs 

27. Phlegmatic – Unemotional

Phlegmatic people are good to others, may be soft spoken, but they are unemotional.

Have you watched Leon – The Professional or Bicchoo (Bobby Deol)
The hero was mostly Phlegmatic.

28. Phoenix – a person or thing which is uniquely remarkable in some respect

Phoenix mall ? It’s in Bangalore as well as in Pune – It is remarkable because of it’s size

29. Platonic – Affectionate but not sexual

I simple love specific words, words which are apt. to a particular situation. Platonic is one of those words.

Their relationship is platonic i.e. people can think otherwise that they are dating and are into physical relationship but NOPE, it’s platonic

30. Forestall – To prevent using an advance action

Forestall to check and mate Corona
He forestalled the police

Fore means before in my mind so I always assume it has something to do with an advance action.

You went through 30 words. Which one was your favourite ?
Mine was Laconic, loquacious, and platonic.

If you have a favourite word, do comment below…is se yaad ache se hota hai

Keep learning 


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  1. Nikhil Kant Pandey
    March 23, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    nice and I learn it very fast.

  2. Phlegmatic – MS Dhoni

  3. malinger means pretend to be ill in order to escape duty or work .

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