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Flipkart Interview Questions

Position – Data Scientist
Location – Bangalore

Number of Rounds – 5

Round 1 – Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
Round 2 – Case Study (Non-Elimination Round)
Round 3 – Technical Interview  SQL and Python
Round 4 – Project discussion

Round 5 – Human Resource

Round 1 – Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
Sample Questions are given below
1. . A bag contains 7 white, 3 red and 5 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red is?
2. Two unbiased coins are tossed, What is the probability of getting at most one head?
3. Two cards are drawn from a pack of 52 cards, What is the probability that both of the cards are being Kings?

Questions were mostly around time and work, puzzles, and there was a guesstimate question.

The first round was an elimination round and the cut-off was somewhere around 12 out of 15 questions
Around 80% were eliminated in this round.

Round 2 – Case Study (Non-Elimination Round)
The case study was to increase the number of conversions of freemium customers to premium customers for a telecom company in India.

Round 3 – Technical Interview  SQL and Python

1. Employee Table


2. Department Table


a. List the employees who joined before 2018
b. List the employees whose annual salary is between 25000 and 50000
c. List the employees who joined in January
d. List the employees who are senior to their own Manager
e. Find details of highest paid employee
f. Get detail of the senior most employee
g. Find the total salary given to Manager


What graphs do you use for basic EDA?
How useful is box-plot graph?
What are the basic checks you do for cleaning the data?
How to join tables in python?
How to access the items of a dictionary?
When to use list, set or dictionaries ?

There were more questions on plotting and basic EDA

Round 4 – Project discussion
A Complete overview of the project was asked first and then there were some coding questions. Every question was related to the Project

Round 5 -Human Resource
Why do you want to quit the current job?
Have you led a team in the past?
You might have to work during the festive season, are you okay with it?
Salary negotiation

Do go through the following books to get the complete list of questions and answers to various Data Science Interviews
1. What do they ask in a Data Science Interview – Flipkart, Myntra, OYO Rooms, Tredence, and Meredith India
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I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 4+ years of analytics experience with 3+ years at Mu Sigma and 1 year at OYO. I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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  1. I have almost 5 years experience in testing. Both Automation and Manual. I want switch my career to Data science. Will it be possible for me to do that?

    • It will be a tad bit hard for you, but if you take keen interest in the domain and keep learning things then you can definitely switch your domain. You can look at the 100 Days challenge to find out what and hows of Data Science and then you can proceed as you wish. It will take you at least a couple of months to prepare well 🙂

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