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Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions | Day 18

Today is Day 18 and we will look into Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions. Flipkart mostly hires for Business Analyst and Senior Business Analyst position, you can try to get into the Data Science domain after entering into the organization. Kindly let us know if someone is working as a Data Scientist with <3 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

Today we will cover the complete Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions and recruitment process

Flipkart Business Analyst Interview Questions

Position – Senior Business Analyst
Location – Bangalore
Offered Salary – ~12 LPA
Experience – ~3 years

Number of Rounds – 5

Round 1 – Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
Round 2 – Case Study (Non-Elimination Ro und)
Round 3 – Technical Interview SQL and Python
Round 4 – Project discussion

Round 1 – Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
There were 20 MCQs to be solved in 20 minutes which were mostly from
Probability, Time Distance, Percentages, Permutation combinations, and
Logical Reasoning.

Round 2 – Case Study (Non-elimination)
Link with solved case study

Round 3 – Technical Round
Most of the questions are already there in the following set of questions.
Box8 –
Myntra –
Amazon –

New questions asked in this round are:-

Difference between extend and append function –
Use of list, set, dictionary –
Join in Python –
Zero indexed language –
Positive and Negative skewness(Myntra and Affine Question) –
Input and Output(Loading file) in Python – Affine
Sort a dictionary by key –
Important question
What are the necessary conditions to join –

Round 4 – Project questions

My project was on Sentiment analysis i.e. NLP part so, I was asked questions on bagging of words, tf-idf, word correlation, tokenization, and a bit on statistics
Will share these questions in the NLP division of the website

Try to answer all these questions by yourself or with the help of google 😛

Data Science interview questions

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Practice all the questions posted over here, try to make sure that you attempt the questions. we evaluate answers every now and then and provide particular feedback on your performace

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Keep Learning 🙂

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