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Deloitte Data Scientist Interview Questions

Company Name – Deloitte
Location –
Position –
Data Scientist

Number of Rounds – 4 
Round 1 –
Technical Interview (R/Python)
Round 2 –
Case Study and Guesstimate
Round 3 –
Project Discussion and Technical
Round 4 –
HR Round

Round 1 – R/Python Technical Interview

I did my project in R, so I opted for this one only. The questions ranged from beginner to intermediate level. The interview went for 45 minutes and following are the questions which were asked

a. What are the basic data types in R?
b. What are the Data Structures in R and which one is your favorite?
c. What are the ways in which you can combine multiple sets into one?
d. What is the use of stringAsFactors set as False?
e. Write a function to convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin. You can use the internet to find the conversion.
f. Now turn Kelvin to Celsius

g. Write a function to print squares of numbers in sequence.
h. What is reshaping in R?
i. What is the function of unlist()?

j. Is an Array a Matrix or a Matrix an Array?
k. What is the difference between ‘%%’ and “%/%”?
l. What is the difference between subset() function and sample() function in R?
m. What is the output for the below expression all(NA==NA)?

Round 2 –
Case Study and Guesstimate

Guesstimate Topic –
Number of Laptops sold in Bangalore in one day
Business Case Study – How do you think TVF makes a profit? Did moving to its own website advantageous to TVF?

The solution is in the book.

Round 3 – Project Discussion and Technical

1. So, What was one major project you did in the current account?
2. What all things are you people monitoring?
3. Tell me one important thing which you people are working on right now?
4. What is Cannibalization?
5. What was the approach to test Cannibalization in a digital platform it?
6. What are a repeat and a return visitor in web analytics?
7. What were the main metrics which you had in your dashboard?
8. What are organic customers?
9. If a customer logs in both from his mobile and laptop, will it count as two Unique customers?
10. How do you find out if there is a bot surfing the website? Basically, what is bot traffic?

11. What is A/B Testing?
12. Give an example of A/B Testing
13. What is CTR?
14. How do you measure Click Through Rate?

Round 4 – HR Round

A formal discussion on the culture of the company, my reasons for leaving the current company, salary, etc.

Full interview question of these round is present in our book What do they ask in Top Data Science Interview Part 2: Amazon, Accenture, Sapient, Deloitte, and BookMyShow  

You can get your hand on our ebooks 

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