Practice Guesstimate

You already know that there are some 100 Million iPad being sold in India each year. But can you guess the area of an airport? Let’s say I need to know the total area of the Bangalore airport.

There are four important areas in an airport:-
1. Parking space
2. Sitting space
3. Hangar space
4. Runway

Let’s assume the following percentage:-
1. Parking space – 10%
2. Sitting space – 10%
3. Hangar space – 10%
4. Runway – 70%

Now, suppose that on an average 168 flights fly from Bangalore. That means per hour 7 flight will be on the runway, so we need 7 runways.

A flight runs for half a minute on the runway at a speed of 120 km/hr. Thus each runway will be 1 km long. There are 7 runways, thus 7 kilometers.

The parking space, hangar space, and sitting space is 10% each, thus it will have a total space of 3 kilometers.

The total area of Bangalore airport is 10 kilometers.

This is obviously just an estimation. You can choose other ways to do a similar calculation like below:-
1. Number of flight
2. Number of passengers to estimate the sitting space
3. The dimension of an airplane to get the length
4. Number of travelers to guess the number of cars and cabs to guess the area of the parking

We will keep updating the puzzle page with more guesstimate examples. Practice at least 10-15 problems to understand how to maintain consistency with the problem.

Few problems worth giving a shot are:-
1. Number of red cars in a city, say Mumbai
2. Number of people wearing yellow cloth on a Monday in Delhi
3. Number of people eating pizza right now
4. Revenue of Facebook/Amazon/Youtube
5. Number of beer bottles in India
6. Number of weddings in India/Spain/Timbuktur

Keep practicing 🙂


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