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Case Study III

Company Name – Sapient
Round – 2 (Case Study)
Topic – Recommendation of food items to new customer in a restaurant

Punjabi By Nature, a restaurant in Bangalore, delivers and serves food to its customer. It has been in the business for the last 10 years. Recently the owner heard about Data Science and they want to leverage the opportunity in order to boost its revenue. The restaurant has been collecting the following data since the last 10 years:-
1. Name of Customer
2. Sex of Customer
3. Age of Customer
4. Food item code

Your job is to recommend 2 food items to a customer new to the restaurant. Answer the following questions:-
a. Looking at the data, provide 3 findings for the restaurant to boost their performance
Proposed Solution.
i. Food item combination can help you recommend a particular item. For example, if people prefer curd with Parathas, then you can recommend it
ii. A list of the most popular food item
iii. Looking at the customer’s age and sex you can decide what to offer to a new customer. If the data suggests that a girl in the age group 20-25 likes chocolate ice cream then you can recommend this ice cream to the new girl customer 

b. Think of 4 more data points which might help you with the analysis

Proposed Solution
i. Pincode of delivery
ii. Time of order
iii. Phone Number
iv. Date and Day of service 

c. Now, what else can you find out from this data?

Proposed Solution
i. Day of service can get you the popular food item on each day and weekend
ii. Pincode can help you identify if there is a demand for some specific food items in a particular area
iii. The phone number to inform about new offers
iv. Time of order can get you the time at which the restaurant should shoot a particular offer for a specific food item

Company Name – Xiaomi
Round 3 – Case Study
Topic – Profit of a company selling mobile back cover is declining. List out all the possible reasons

Following is the way in which discussion proceeded with the interviewer:-
1. The demand itself has declined i.e. customers are not using cover that much. Asked to think more by the interviewer
2. Maybe the competitor is also facing loss which again means that the demand is low. Competitors are making a decent profit
3. Bad Marketing – The company is not putting stalls or shops in a crowded place. The interviewer told that the company was making a decent profit 6 months back
4. Maybe the footfall of the mall or place decreased. Could be(first positive response)
5. Maybe a popular mobile phone shop has shifted somewhere else. Could be(again a so-so response)
6. Maybe the other companies have reduced the price of their product which is why customers are drifting to these companies. The interviewer seemed pleased
7. New technology in the cover market to make covers more durable and the company we are talking about is using the same old technology. Seemed good enough point
8. Since we are talking about back covers, there could be new or trending designs which are not produced by the company
9. The company has not registered on different e-commerce websites and the website they are present on is not doing good business. He looked satisfied with the point

There were discussions on each point. The key here is to understand the point if you think it is not making much sense in a discussion. If you think you are unable to convey the point, you should try to justify the point.

If it’s correct, hang on to the point.
If you think it was a miss, admit it and move to the next point.

Keep practicing and keep looking for new problem statements.


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