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Case Study 1

Case Study is a way of judging your logic and analytical capabilities. I can not be more vague with the definition 😛

Basically, solving or discussing a case study problem helps in knowing the way a person thinks. There is no right or wrong answer in solving a case study.
Let’s take a simple example:-
How will you increase the revenue of OLA or Uber or any cab service?

Candidate 1 :– Sir, increase the price and reduce the compensation given to the drivers.
Interviewer – Thank you so much Master, you saved me $100 Million Dollars, now duck off.

Candidate 2 – Sir, lets increase the number of cabs in the city, in the state, in the country, globally. Let’s have cabs floating on water and target Pacific Ocean.
Interviewer – Woooo..This is something where the whole team was stuck on.
Candidate 3 – Sir, We might be interested in knowing the peak and non-peak time of an area and then we might fluctuate the price(Basically surging ). We can also try a share service or we can enroll car owners to provide carpooling inter and intra-city.
Interviewer – Okay, let’s discuss the first point.

Look, Candidate 1 and 2 did not try to think out of the box and their proposed solution was also something which was way too obvious. I can say the same for Candidate 3 also, but there are few points on which he can continue the discussion and the interviewer can judge his/her thought process accordingly.

Let’s see how you tackle the below case:-

So, there is a company which stores your data in its cloud infrastructure, it has a free service for 6 months, then the customer has to pay some price to avail the service. The conversion rate is too less. Try to frame some possible reasons for the low conversion rate.

There could be multiple reasons for the low conversion of freemium to premium customers:-
1. High prices of premium service
2. Ineffective Marketing
3. Lack of important and useful features
4. Data security issues
You can think and add more points.

Now we will proceed with these 4 points only, We need to ask questions to our data in order to arrive at a concrete answer
1. Was there a data breach or some security issues in the past. If yes, do a pre and post issue analysis to find out the impact of the same.
2. Do a competitor analysis on both cost and features provided
3. Measure the impact of promotional or marketing strategies. Do it for both online and offline mode of promotion.
4. Narrow down on a break-even point to arrive at a price at which the company can compete with other players in the market as well as to keep the cost-feature optimum

In some of the case studies, you might get asked on the data or column which you need to get the answers to these questions.
Some of the data points which we can look into are:-
1. Number of freemium and premium users
2. Conversion of Marketing campaigns by looking into the number of customers targeted and converted, by looking at the number of clicks on the campaign, fall out from different pages before payment
3. Survey data to find out the issues related to price and features
4. If there is a chat-bot or chat window, then from there also we can extract the problems faced by the customers

Keep thinking about the problem from different angles.


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I am the Co-Founder of The Data Monk. I have a total of 4+ years of analytics experience with 3+ years at Mu Sigma and 1 year at OYO. I am an active trader and a logically sarcastic idiot :)

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