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Common methods to measure web performance

Website speed is only going to become more important in the future, so this is a really important question for people to address now!

Here are a few metrics to track site speed – and I’d definitely suggest that you record your site’s progress over time to gauge the effectiveness of your site speed optimization efforts.

  1. Site load time: Go to your Google Analytics report to Menu → Behavior → Site Speed → Overview (and Page Timings to see individual pages). Record the average site page load time and any key pages you want to track.
  2. Your website’s speed scores:
    1. Enter your site’s URL into Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool (PageSpeed Insights). This will give you a report card on your website’s speed performance on mobile devices and desktop. The report comes with some recommended actions you can take to improve your site’s speed.
    2. Check Pingdom’s website speed test (Pingdom Tools) to find out the speed, rank and percent faster than the average of Pingdom’s tested websites
    3. GTMetrix provides a comprehensive look at your site’s speed optimization status.
  3. Bounce rate: See if your bounce rate improves, which would indicate that fewer people are navigating away from the site after viewing only one page. You can view this in a number of places, such as Behavior → Overview in your Analytics report.
  4. Conversion rate: Are visitors converting at a higher rate after your improvements? This is important to track! Head to Analytics → Conversions → Goals → Overview to view and record your current conversion rate.

If you’d like to learn a few tactics to audit and improve site speed, check out this post. I also included a few real-world case studies on how some brands were able to speed up their wordpress websites.

How facebook knows that you want to buy shoe when you search on google ? The way web analytics work

Web Analytic

Do you have a company and want to increase the sales of the company? Do you want to know how, where and in which field are you doing mistakes that’s costing you your job or company? Read down the article to know your problems and the solutions!

Web analytic is the key to your solutions. Web analytic is the process of analyzing the behavior of your visitors on your website. If a person can understand the area on a website where people are bouncing off, then he/she can work on that area and try to improvise the website. For example, a blogger sees that his/her blog is not being read after the first part, then he/she can analyze the problem after the first part and work on it. Let’s see some of the functions of the best web analytical tool- Google analytic.

  • Determine where your best visitors are located.

A person can know from where the traffic comes the most around the world. You can easily see from where the most traffic is driven to your site and you can concentrate on that region or state and expand your business!

  • Bounce Rates- Bounce rate is a big factor that determines the interest generated by the audience to your website. If the bounce rate is high, then you need to make a lot of changes to your website! But how will you know in which part you have to do the adjustment? This is the best part! You can even know from in which page is your audience bouncing off. Is it the shopping cart or the first page of your website, google analytic show you everything!
  • Understand from where your traffic comes.

Analytic show you from where your traffic comes the most. Is it coming from the search engines and if from search engines, is it paid or organic. You can also know if the traffic is coming from social media or websites [back links or referrals] . This helps you in understanding where to invest more time and money.

  • Demographics- Get to know the users age, gender and interests and understand which segment has a higher conversion rate. Work on that sector and make it stronger.
  • Find out what people are searching on your site.

Analytic shows the terms used by your customers or audience in the search box.  These are the keywords which you  need to spend more money on while doing paid marketing.

  • Identify your worst performing page.

Bloggers, this is the place you need to evaluate a lot. Your readers might come to find something particular and might find it or may not. You have to check it up frequently to find out your worst and also the best performing pages.

These are only some of the many important points telling you how web analytic is an essential tool for your website and how much you can gain from it. There are a lot of awesome ways to finding out your audience and how to increase it too. The best part is that this tool can be used for free at any place and at any given time. 81% of enterprises are very much relying on analytic to gain greater customer insights-Forbes. Thedatamonk.com has published a book named Web analytic-The way we do it and is very informative in this field of web analytic. This book is available on amazon for purchase and here’s the link to the book-

Web Analytics – The way we do it


Check out this book and leave your reviews and comments on http://thedatamonk.com/. You can also leave your review and comments on the amazon site after purchasing the book!