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How to crack Data Science Interview

Hey..This is TheDataMonk and we are a group of subject matter expert in the field of Business Analysis.
Data Science is crowned as the “sexiest job of 21st Century” and we get a lot of requests to write the path one should follow in order to start career in data science or to switch to a better analytics firm.
So, here we are with a road map to success in a data science interview.

The whole road map will be divided into parts:-
1. Who is a Data Scientist?
2. How does a regular day looks like as a Data Scientist?
3. What are the technical requirements? A complete guide on tools and technologies
4. Types of analysis we do
5. How to use Statistics?
6. Dark secrets of Data Science



About TheDataMonk

TheDataMonk was started in June 2016 with two broad aims:-

1. To help engineering students(1st to 4th year) get into “the sexiest job of 21st century” – There is a scarcity of information on how to start as a data scientist.
2. To help people switch from any other domain to Data Science – Data science is not a new concept but with time it’s getting a lot of importance. Every other company is looking for a Data Scientist/Business Analyst. So, this website can help you get into Data Science
3. To help the present Data Scientist groom their skills – Learn, Unlearn and Relearn should be in the veins of a good data scientist.

Since June 2016,TheDataMonk has published 10+ books on Data Science, Big Data, SQL, R, Linear Regression, Web Analytics,  etc. The link is given below if you want to buy:-

a. 100 Questions to crack Data Science intervie

b. 100 Questions to crack Business Analyst Interview

c. 112 Questions to crack Business Analyst Interview using SQL

d. 100 Questions to learn R in 6 hours

e. How to start a career in Data Science

f.  Web Analytics – The way we do it

g. Top Interview questions and all about Adobe Analytics

h. Complete Analytical Project before Data Science Interview

i. Passion is a myth, Chase Opportunities 

Many more books to come.

Thanks you,