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What is all the buzz about Big Data? How big is the BIG DATA ?

A clear and simple fact known to us is that there is a lot of data around the world and as we become more digital, simultaneously the data increases. Big Data is referred to the tons of data that cannot be processed or analyzed effectively with the traditional applications that exist. These humongous amounts of data cannot be stored in our hard disks or computers. This amount of data therefore is being processed to enhance insight, decision making and process of automation. It facilitates the efforts of researchers, business managers, analysts, developers, data scientists, physicists, statisticians, academics and policymakers to improve and smooth en operations and communication, to attain better profitability within their business and institutions.

To become a big data specialist, one must have these following skills;

-Analytical skills
-Mathematics and statistical skills
-Business skills
-Computer science

Uses of Big Data in the real world;

Big data is being produced everywhere and so let’s see a real life use of big data,

Hotstar- With approx~ 100 million streaming video customers, it has become a data creating machine. New data is produced every time the users watch and also depends on how much they watch, where do they watch and the device they are using.

Be it Hotstar or Youtube or TVF everything creates data once used! For example- You’re watching an episode of a series and rewind it because you missed a part, the video has the data and takes you back immediately or after a second of buffering!  There’s data even in those Emojis!

The use of emojis is kind of like we’re observing a new language in front of us-Tony Clement.

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100 Questions to crack Big Data interview

While data analytic was once considered a competitive advantage is now increasingly being seen as a necessity for enterprises. Data is a huge asset for enterprises and they are beginning to treat it accordingly. According to IDC report big data market is growing at the rate of 11% in 2016 and at a compound annual growth of 11.7% through to 2020. As there is a lot of hype [true though] about big data and many people want to get into this field, there are very few chances up for grab. There are not many organizations and coaching centers that have particularly started out on this topic. provides a platform to understand and start in a career in this field!  The Data monk provides books which will be essential for the learning of big data and other related concepts. Visit the site to know more.