Box8 Data Analyst Interview Questions

Box8 is an Indian food delivery start-up which is currently functioning in
Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Gurugram.

Title –Data Analyst
Experience required – 1-3 years
Number of Rounds – 3

Round 1 – Telephonic SQL and MS Excel Round
The telephonic round was mostly around tricky SQL questions and basic MS Excel questions. The interview lasted for 45 minutes and was focused more on your approach to solving a problem. Following are a few SQL questions asked in this round:-

1. Difference between HAVING and WHERE command.
2. Difference between DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER.
3. Self-join to get the manager name of all the employees.
4. Find the error in the following code or basically optimize the code below to get the full name of all the employees with first name as Amit:

SELECT employee_name
FROM employee
WHERE employee_name LIKE ‘Amit%’

Proposed solution
SELECT employee_name
FROM employee
WHERE lower(employee_name) LIKE ‘amit%’

5. Order of execution of SQL
6. Create a new table ‘Teacher’ with the same as ‘Student’

CREATE table Teacher as SELECT * from STUDENT

7. Show maximum and minimum marks in a student table

SELECT max(marks) from student
SELECT min(marks) from student

8. Display date in ‘MM-DD-YYYY’ format

SELECT to_date(Date_Column_Name,’MM-DD-YYYY’)
FROM Student

9. Explain VLOOK UP with syntax
10. Explain indexing with example
11. One simple if-else condition problem

Round 2 – Case Study and Guestimate problem

Case Study – How to increase the revenue of

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