Day 1 – Starting with Data Science

Before you start exploring Data Science, there are a few things which you should know beforehand. Do keep the following in mind:-

1. A typical data science role requires a good knowledge of the the following domain:-
a. Analytics – This contains the core data science where you play around the data to build analytical model. For this you need to learn either of Python or R
b. Query – You need to know how to retrieve a particular data from millions of rows and hundreds of columns. The query optimization plays a crucial role here(since you are working with millions of rows of data). Proficiency in any query language(SQL) is required in a data scientist role
c. Reporting – After you are done with pulling and analyzing the data and building a model or something, now you need to share the result with everyone. For that you need to know at least one industry standard reporting tool. You can learn any one out of Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik Sense, etc.

So all in all, you need to know at least one analytical language, SQL and a reporting tool. In this website, we will learn about various analytics algorithms and some cool SQL hacks

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