Solving Hackathons – Number of Upvotes problem

We will try to solve hackathons which are available freely on Analytics Vidhya. The input files are present in the link given below

The aim of the hackathon is to predict the number of upvotes by using the following variables
1. ID
2. Tag
3. Reputation
4. Username

Problem Statement

An online question and answer platform has hired you as a data scientist to identify the best question authors on the platform. This identification will bring more insight into increasing the user engagement. Given the tag of the question, number of views received, number of answers, username and reputation of the question author, the problem requires you to predict the upvote count that the question will receive.

Data Dictionary

Let’s start creating basic models and see how far can we reach in the leaderboard

Prerequisite –
1. Download the train and test dataset
2. Install Anaconda
3. Open Jupyter notebook

Approach 1 – Build a simple Linear Regression